Downward Facing Dog Pose

Adho Mukha Svanasana or down dog is one of the primary poses in yoga. Many don’t realize but the downward facing dog is an inversion pose. Well, not an advanced one but an inversion nonetheless.


Downward facing dog strengthens the upper body, for example, the arms and the shoulders. It also stretches the legs including hamstrings.


If you suffer from a head injury or any brain diseases or wrist injury such as carpal tunnel you should avoid this pose.


If you can’t ground your feet you can bend your knees slightly or place them on the floor for a less difficult variation.
To make the pose more intense you can paddle your feet or adjust (widen) the width between your hands and your feet.

Half Way Lift

Standing Half Way Forward Bend or Ardha Uttanasana (in Sanskrit) is a basic and essential part of Sun Salutation and the foundation for other forward bend and deeper stretching poses. You perform this pose by looking forward ahead with a straight back while bend at the torso with straight legs. Place your hands on either your tights or your shins. This pose is also known as Half Forward Bend or Half Way Standing Forward Fold.





The ultimate show of flexibility and strength while upside down is the handstand pose. One of the most challenging yoga poses sought after by many but only accomplished by few who are dedicated to the practice.

There are many variations to this inversion yoga pose. You can always use the support of a wall or a spotter to ease into the pose or to work your way up to the more challenging variations such as the one arm handstand or the press-up handstand.

You can enter a handstand by kicking up, pressing up and from a back-bend pose.

Other names handstand is known as are ,,,.

The muscles and body parts targeted in a handstand are ,,,.

How to enter a handstand: Kick up, Press up, Cartwheel, Headstand, Forearm-stand, Crow pose, etc.

How to exit from a handstand: backbend, etc.

Variations of a handstand: one arm handstand, against the wall, etc.

How to do a handstand for beginners?

How to do a handstand for a long time?

How to do a handstand for kids?

How strong do you have to be to do a handstand?

How long does it take to learn handstand?

How do you train to do a handstand?

Which is easier handstand or headstand?

Is it hard to do a handstand?

Are handstands bad for you?

The straight forward answer would be no. Some might argue that going into a handstand and subjecting your body to being upside down is against its natural state and what it is meant or designed for but rest assured that there are no proven arguments in favor of that. As long as you practice caution, good form and the right entry and exit into your handstand pose you should be fine.

Are handstands bad for your back?

The short answer is yes as it compresses your spine, unless you’re doing handstands in zero gravity. The spine has evolved to take compression under load and doesn’t mean that anything gets injured. If you have back problems and/or sciatica then keeping a proper form with hollow body hold might be a better idea than arching back and forth.

Do handstands make you shorter?

Do handstands make you taller?

Do handstands build shoulder?

Do handstands build strength?

Do handstands strengthen your wrists?

Can handstands increase strength?

Do handstands help abs?

Do handstands cause headaches?

Do handstands cause hair loss?

Can handstands cause miscarriage?

Do handstands build traps?

Do handstands burn caloreis?

Yes, handstands can be very effective in burning calories but it would very much depend on how long you are holding your handstand and whether it is supported and how well you are keeping your form and engaging and tightening your body parts such as your core and glutes. To up your calorie burning game and to jack up your cardio it’s always a good idea to progress into handstand push-ups. You can start against the wall and work your way up to free standing handstand pushups.

Do handstands make you fart?

“Handstands, handstands, they’re good for your heart, the more you do it the more you fart.” Jokes aside, an increase in passing gas when going upside down is very normal and often reported by practitioners. The cause could be related to the stimulation of your guts which is ultimately a good thing. So as far as you are not making too much noise and stinking up the room to the point of fainting it is fine!

Can handstands make your hair grow?

Is it easier to do handstands on blocks?

Is it bad to do handstands while pregnant?

Is it good to do handstands?

Is it hard to do handstand?

Is it possible to do handstand?

Is it dangerous to do a handstand?

How hard is it to do a handstand?

Why is it called a handstand?

Is it possible to learn to do a handstand?

Is handstand good for health?

Is handstand good for hair?

Is handstand necessary?

What is handstand good for?

Is handstand or headstand easier?

Headstands and handstands are both wonderful ways for yogis to go upside down and promote the circulation of blood throughout the body among many other benefits but these two inversion poses are not created equally. While they both require great amounts of strength and stability for the practitioner to perform them, a headstand is much easier than a handstand as you have three points of contact if not more with the ground. Unless if you are doing a free-standing headstand which can be a very challenging and dangerous pose. Headstands are however a great way for beginners to work their way up to full handstands. You can also enter and exit a handstand from a headstand.

Is handstand or forearm stand easier?

Handstand and forearm stand are both very advanced yoga poses but a forearm stand would be easier than a handstand since you have much more contact to the ground and can distribute your weight through your whole forearms and palms as opposed to just your hands which is the case in a handstand. However a forearm stand can be a great way to build strength and stability for your handstand as well as a very empowering way to enter and exit a free-standing handstand.

Is handstand or cartwheel easier?

The winner in this competition is handstand. When you do a cartwheel you use momentum in your movement to get in and out of a handstand while in a handstand you have to maintain your form and stay in the pose for a while which requires much more strength and balance. However cartwheel is a wonderful way to enter and to exit from a handstand as well as a great beginner exercise to build up your handstand skills.

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Can anyone do a handstand?

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Do handstands strengthen shoulder?

Do handstands strengthen your core?

Can handstand stop hair loss?

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Do handstands give you abs?

Can I do handstands to get pregnant?

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Does handstand help hair growth?

Does handstand help you fart?

Do handstands help with pullps?

Do handstands help build muscle?

Do handstands help you lose weight?

Do handstands work your lats?

Do handstands work your traps?

Do handstands work your chest?

Do handstands work your back?

Can I do handstands everyday?

Do handstands tone your arms?

What muscles do handstands use?

What do handstand push-ups work?

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